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Photomapping cases


Pteryx UAV is a specialized photomapping tool dedicated to acquire precise geographic information.


The modern World is aware of importance of GIS. This new generation tools reduce costs, increase safety, can analyse and predict environmental threats or crisis situations.

Pteryx Photomapping System provides base information for GIS software and makes it even more useful. You can make maps and Digital Surface Models of area of your interest as often as you need.


Using different cameras you can use Pteryx for:


To see more cases of Pteryx UAV use, see at Fotomapy sp. z o. o. (The biggest photogrammetric UAV operator in Poland)web site:


Case: Grodzisko Dolne, Poland

  Grodzisko Dolne village map

Date: 2011-05-17

GSD: 11cm

Surface: 4,5km2

Click here to see full resolution orthophotomap.


Case: Bezmiechowa mountain airfield, Poland

Date: 2010-05-27

GSD: 10cm

Click here to see 3D model of Bezmiechowa mountain airfield (~20MB, use Adobe Reader)


 Case: Small demo project, Poland

Small mapDSM

Small project, made for client during demo flight.

Date: 2014-06-16

GSD: 6cm

Click here to see full resolution orthophotomap.


 Case: Crop health project, Poland

Project made for agricultural client, by Fotomapy company.

The goal was to determine fertilization efficiency on wheat plantation.

Flight made with two cameras: one RGB and one NIRGB

Date: 2014-06-28

GSD: 8cm

Click here to see NDVI map.

Click here to see close up of NDVI map.

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Pteryx UAV – The ultimate photomapping tool. Pteryx is ready to help you in the following areas: photogrammetry, publicity,
land property surveillance, environmental survey, search and rescue, precision agriculture, research, energy sector
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