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Groundstation & Software

The biggest change with new Pteryx is mission planning and supervision software. Clear and easy graphical interface will lead you through all phases of mission planning. You can pick waypoints by clicking on the map with your mouse or create flight plan automatically, just by marking area of the map!


 Flight path


Flight control interface

Flight control interface consists of Artificial Horizon with Altitude and Speed values, Control surfaces positions, battery and GPS windows, map with flight plan and current position and command window.




This package of information and control tools lets you control Pteryx flight even in beyond line of sight missions.





Another new item that you get with Pteryx v2014 is Pteryx geotagging tool. No more using complicated 3rd party software. Now, all you need to do, is to put pictures and picture positions files in the same folder and run the geotagging tool. Picture positions will be written into picture's EXIF file.


 Geotagging tool


Data Processing - Pix4D Mapper    Pix4d

To use full potential of Pteryx we include the best UAV photogrammetric software in the price of UAV! Pix4D Mapper will make all data processing automatically for you. Moreover it allows you to put Ground Control Points, edit Point Cloud and Mosaic for best quality orthophotomaps.


Pix4D Mapper 


Click here to know all Pix4D Mapper feature list:


For synchronised information point, consult



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