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If you are a professional you need a professional tool for the job. For photo-mapping task, Pteryx UAV is the ultimate choice. Made by a group of engineers with unique practical experience, delivers what you need the most: dependable and easy to use source of aerial photos.


 Pteryx v2014


This year, just after introducing our new EasyMap UAV (, we have introduced new Pteryx v2014. New UAV contains many so many upgrades that we can call it second generation of Pteryx UAV. There are new wings for lower stall speed, new carbon-kevlar fuselage structure for unbeatable strength, new propulsion system for better performance in hot climate or at high altitudes, new cameras for better pictures and most important of all: new electronics, groundstation and software!


 Pteryx v2014


Complete Sysytem

New Pteryx UAV is delivered as a complete system. You get everything that you need to make your maps: airplane, RC controller, groundstation computer, camera and even professional photogrammetry software: Pix4D Mapper! All you need tu buy additionally is battery and charger.



Heavy Duty

It is known, that in right hands, Pteryx can serve for a long time. We never used foam instead of aircraft quality materials. Now, with new Pteryx, you get advanced composite structure with carbon-kevlar fuselage and carbon glass wings. Even ailerons and rudder hinges are made of kevlar! It will never wear out.


The best way to make your UAV dependable is to keep it simple. We do not change that rule with new Pteryx: four servos, only two electric connections during assembly and heavy duty joints, are easy to assemble and maintain.


Pteryx v2014


The new Pteryx Groundstation, displays all critical flight information. You always know the position of the UAV, battery status, mission progress and many more. You can also send advanced orders, like circle in place, start or stop taking pictures, return to home and many more.

Even in the most unfortunate case of propulsion or servo failure the autopilot will deploy parachute below critical altitude.


Ease of use

The new Pteryx is easier to use then ever before: all flight can be fully automatic with various landing options (auto parachute, auto belly landing), you can use very effective assisted mode that makes flying as easy as driving a toy car, new wings gives you plenty of lift.

Yes, we still encourage you to learn RC flying as this knowledge is VERY important during UAV operation.


Wikipedia page describes applications and has a complete set of public information listed:








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Pteryx UAV – The ultimate photomapping tool. Pteryx is ready to help you in the following areas: photogrammetry, publicity,
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